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The warm water runs down my body and as I look down at my feet I see my long brown hair, black wet, float on the water flowing over my breasts. I go to grab the shampoo but its not there. Oh yeah, I ran out last time and was to lazy to put more in. Great, now I'm gonna have to tell for my dad. I'm thirteen and still need my father to take a simple shower.
"Dad?" I call hoping he can hear me all the on the other side of the house in the office. He's alway in there, working like I don't even exist. I know he does it all for me but sometimes I just want him to be a dad.
I yell repeatedly, louder and louder with every call. Now I'm getting worried. He never leaves when I'm in the shower because I might fall and drown while he's away or something. I try one last time with all the lung power I can muster out of my small diaphragm.
This time I hear a rustle in the background of the shower water pounding at my ears. Usually I can hear him coming from a mile away because he walks so heavy and he always wearing shoes, no matter if he's just at home or not.
"I'm out of shampoo. Can you hand me the red bottle under the sink please, Daddy?" I ask him in my most innocent voice. He didn't say anything so assumed he got it but he never handed it to me.
I peak my head out making sure cover my body with the curtain. I was alone... or so I thought.
Am I seriously going to have to do this myself? Now I'm going to get the whole room wet and I'll have to hear about to later.
I step out of the shower and don't even bother heaving a towel because I'm getting right back in. I get to the cabinet and look into my room from a crouching position. What I see makes my heart flutter like a humming birds wings.
I first see black humanoid bodies with what looks like flesh falling off of them. They don't see me yet but they know I'm here because of the senseless screaming I did. I realize my dad is probably already dead and ripped to prices. The blood constantly dripping from they're layered teeth, like a sharks but more needle like, is more than likely Daddy's.
One of them turns around and sees my face. It immediately lunges at me and I haven't got a chance. Its skeleton of a body is almost twice my five foot height. It's holding my shoulders down to the bathroom tile and is see that it has no defined eyes, only dark crevasses where they're supposed to be.
I don't fight so it grabs my naked waste with its long, decaying fingers. It carries me, drains the life out of me more and more every second. It lays me on my bed. I don't feel fear anymore because I know I will die in the comfort of my own bed. The other creature comes over and grabs me too.
I feel weaker and weaker and begin to go numb. I'm almost gone when I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I look down my body to see a huge gash across my abdomen. I close my eyes and wait to see the light because I know I'm going to a better place that doesn't have these horrible things. My dad can't save me now.
I was always afraid something like this would happen. There isn't much detail so you can imagine it as your house.
campfirefire Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I like this a lot. Great job! You should submit some of your stories to my website, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights.
BlueyedRED Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Writer
I'd rather not... thanks for the nice comment and the fav!
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